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Life Coach, Pastor,

Vision Strategist, &


Empowering Female Christian Leaders to Find Clarity, Confidence, and Commitment to Their God-Given Purpose, so They Can Lead More Effectively Through Creativity, Productivity and Accountability.

Three Ways to Work With Melodie

1:1 and Group


VIP days


Whether you want 1:1 Coaching, or Group Coaching, our Visionary Coaching Program will support you as you confront hindrances to your vision for life and/or ministry. As a result, you will become confidence and gain clarity so that you will walk in purpose through ministry, business, and life.


The mentor/mentee relationship gives the mentee a safe place where you can share concerns, victories, defeats and new ideas,. You will receive in return, guidance, a nonjudgmental listener, and constructive criticism. You can expect change, growth, and new understanding of who you are and what you are capable of doing with confidence and clarity.

VIP Days are your Intensive "workdays" where you can work on one key topic either during a half or full day. With VIP Days, get ready to "dive deep", "press through", so you can gain focus and clarity. You will accomplish your task and be prepared for success.

It All Starts with a phone call and a conversation

Seeing if we are a "right fit" is the first step in beginning a productive coaching relationship. Taking the time to talk, to hear your goals, your struggles and for me to you a way to see if you are willing to invest time and change as we build the coaching relationship. Talking over tea or coffee, can set the atmosphere where we can connect!

what does the whole process look like?

Once you decide to sign as a client, you will sign the coaching agreement. Then you will receive your welcome package. You'll receive your instructions for booking your calls for our coaching appointments. After you schedule your calls, you are now ready to start the coaching and/or mentoring program. If you are in our premier coaching service (our year long program) you may need to fill out an application for consideration.

What Can We each Expect?

As the client, you should expect professionalism, confidentiality, and a non-judgemental committed coach who will be there to support you with probing questions what will shift your way of thinking and prepare you for better decision making and clarity.

As the coach, I expect a client who is READY to do the work and comes prepared to our coaching sessions, knowing that you have a safe place to share, ponder, grow, and flourish as a coaching client. Taking responsibility is critical as you grow. With it, you will gain confidence and clarity.

are you still wondering if coaching or mentoring is right for you?

All it takes is ONE SIMPLE DECISION to change your life. It's all a matter of choice of doing the necessary work that needs to be done. But sometimes moving forward can be difficult because we are faced with so many challenges...notably fear, indecision and even intimidation. Making the decision to do the work of change can propel you to a life filled with abundance, clarity and personal satisfaction.

Please consider allowing Coach Melodie to give you the support you need. Gather the tools to confront limiting behaviors and destructive obstacles that stop your forward momentum. With Liberty Coaching, you will get the critical accountability and encouragement to get you from where you are today to God's designed purpose for your life.

hi, i'm Melodie!

So glad you stopped By!

Working as a certified Growth Coach, Life Coach, Executive Leadership Coach, and Vision Strategist, I help Christian leaders tear down barriers, confront personal obstacles and their limiting beliefs; I help clients build personal esteem and self- worth, keeping them accountable, motivated, and committed to do the work of honing their vision and unleashing their creativity.

I LOVE coaching! I'm a great listener and motivator, who wants clients to SOAR in their purpose, in ministry, business and life.

more about me - more about me - more about me

my fave things - my fave things - my fave things

some of my favorite things:

Seeing me as a person and just not an image on the net is so important. If you are going to allow me to coach you, I think it is critical to know some of the little things...that make! Building a coaching relationship takes TRUST and a level of INTIMACY...even ABOUT the little things!


FAVORITE city: washington, DC

FAVORITE movie: Any Hallmark RomCom

FAVORITE pasttime: Happy Planning, decoratinG, Music, writing

and NFL Football!

Book Release - Fall 2024

Preorder melodie's New Book

7 Days to Empowered Living!

Just what can you do in seven days? A lot when you are committed to the work of change.

Assess seven key areas in your life where you can have the most impact. and begin to live the

empowered life!

Book, Assessment Questions , and 7 Day Roadmap

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Thank you for your professionalism, patience and commitment. The many encouraging words you spoke enabled me to push through the tough times.You continued to give me the perfect balance of encouragement and challenging projects. You never wavered in your belief in me no matter how much work needed to be done.

Minister Tony Douglas

Melodie is an anointed visionary and has helped me as a business accountability partner, and in defining certain aspects of my business. I believe in her accessibility, expertise in her craft, and her willingness to go above and beyond. She is anointed in what she does which makes her the perfect strategist and coach for you.

Nicole LaShae BSN, RN

I've never had anyone coach me (like the way you do!) to help me see my blind sides, speak into my life from a personal perspective, and help me remove blockages that hindered me in the writing process! You have done so much to help me in my life and writing. Your knowledge and expertise has truly been a blessing to me!

You are a phenomenal coach and obtaining you as my coach is priceless! I pray you will prosper and reap triple fold the blessing you are to so many! As you pour into others, I know that God will get the glory through your business!

Minister Loretta Morrison

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Solid Star
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Solid Star
Solid Star
Solid Star

i Must Say that Rev. Melodie was a savvy coach!

Once Reverend Melodie and I connected, she not only became my publishing coach but my instructor, my advisor, my editor, and my friend. Reverend Melodie made herself available to me ---day and night--- to answer my questions, to provide me with writing and publishing tips, advice, and to assist me in resolving technical problems that arose as I revised and edited my manuscript.

After our first couple of coaching sessions, Reverend Melodie quickly discerned the coaching style needed to fit my personality and then allowed me to have a hands-on approach throughout the entire revising, editing, and book publishing process as she carefully guided me through each step.

Gloria Feaster,

Published Author

Walking through the Valley of the shadow of death, can be one filled with tears, isolation and depression!

Your Grief Journey can be a difficult one But it doesn't have to be!


Get Melodie's new grief journal,

The Journey Through the Valley

to support you as you find comfort, healing, and wholeness as you heal from loss fof a loved one!



What Readers are Saying

About the Grief Journal...

"The death of a loved one is an experience that can elicit a range of intense emotions, and at times can make the healing process a prolonged and agonizing period of extreme and debilitating grief. "The Journey Through The Valley, A Grief Journal", by Melodie Boone has been clinically useful in helping me to assess the constructs of prolonged grief.

Therapy through writing allowed me to understand the depth of my unresolved emotions and anger. I was then able to navigate through the healing process by reflecting on thoughts and memories, which helped me to develop healthy coping mechanisms. I have been able to process my emotions and move on, to learn how to live with the nature of losing a loved one, and to accept the circumstances associated with the specific death.

I would highly recommend this grief journal to anyone who has experienced prolonged and intense emotions as the result of losing a loved one".

Debra L. Gray



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Assess, Prioritize and Plan Your Goals! Gain the Tools to Confront Every Challenge that May Hinder You as You Finetune Your Vision!

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Organize schedules, routines, plans, household chores, and ministry projects. From goal setting, financial planning, health and wellness, journals and calendars...there is something in this planner for everyone.

Get organized NOW and focus on what you need to get done with the 90+ page Productivity Planner!



Are you tired of that “critical Inner voice” that always has something to say? Are you tired of feelings of shame, low self-esteem and guilt? Feeling that you aren’t enough?

get the Workbook and Journal

Learning to Confront

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Define your inner critic and confront every negative confession and thought! Begin the journey towards self confidence!


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Calling All Women in Christian Leadership!

Specifically Pastor's Wives, Co-Pastors and Pastors Who Are Recovering From

Ministry Hurt, Disappointment, Unexpected Change and Loss

Find Healing, Restoration, Forgiveness and the

Momentum to Start Over Dream and to Build

with Our Group Coaching and Membership

The Priscilla Movement

Rebuild Your Confidence, Restore Your Faith, Embrace Your Creative Spirit

And Shift Into Your Next Season!

Offering Clients an Array of Coaching Services that will Empower Female Christian Leaders to be More Creative, Productive, and Accountable!

Melodie would love to hear from you. if you have a Question, concern or if you would like for her to speak at your church, retreat, or conference, she would love to talk with you. Maybe you just want to chat about coaching.

Contact her today!


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